5 Best GTA Online race playlist for 2022
(Image via Rockstar games)
GTA Online is famous for this open-world gameplay, and all players play with their friends, and also they make new friends in-game. Players challenge their friends to win the race. There are many types of races available, like car races, bike races, track races, and all types of vehicle races available. In this article, we see the top 5 best GTA Online races, and players can beat their friends in these races.

Top 5 GTA Online race playlist


Agala race playlist(image via Rockstar Game)
AGALAR has a great selection of races from 16 options, ranging from the more common F1-style racetracks to the crazy raced pipe tracks that ignore gravity on GTA Online’s maps. Here is a playlist to check out this year, with some exciting and unique racing features.

4) Lista Qlia

Lista Qlia
Lista Qliarace race playlist(image via Rockstar Game)
The lista qlia is created by Janoequisde. In this race, list players find a 16 different races. The track style feels basic and straightforward at best, and the race itself is wonderful for fun and for learning some new driving skills.

3) NoobWars1

Noobwar1 race playlist(image via Rockstar Game)
In NoobWars1, Players look like a lot of fun and they are different-different challenges in this playlist. The tiles above the wild race track seem adventurous yet simple enough.

2) Los De La Gang

Los De La Gang race playlist(image via Rockstar Game)

Number two on the best GTA Online race playlist goes to Los De La Gang, in this playlist like GTA gang. This playlist has some very fun and unconventional builds on some of the tracks. As seen above, players may need to be careful with huge bowling balls and pins.

1) Din

Din race playlist(image via Rockstar Game)
The Din has a best playlist, it was created by LLMolusco. In this playlist, their is variety of races, their is total 16 different races. All races are lot of fun, and players can enjoy with their friends. This playlist include Chiliad, double loop, Racing Alley, 45 degri stunt, and more.
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