5 most expensive super cars in GTA Online in 2021
most expensive supercars in GTA Online in (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online is famous for its massive gameplay and online, mode. The game developer was trying to create the game like real life. The game includes mostly all items, they exist in real life. The game has many cars, bikes, planes, and more. The Vehicle price is inspired in the real-life. So in this article, we are seeing the 5 most expensive supercars. 
All GTA players include this car in their massive car collection. All car prices are so high and the fifth car price is almost $3,000,000(In-game money). Now we are seeing the 5 most expensive supercars in GTA Online.

Most Expensive Super Cars in GTA Online

5) Tezeract

Tezerct(Image via Rockstar Games)
The first supercar is Tezeract, and the car price is $2,825,000. This car is almost all players are buying and ride with a friend. This car has no fancy gimmicks attached, and the car speed is 138 mph.

4) Krieger

Krieger(Image via Rockstar Games)
The second supercar is over the list is Krieger, and the in-game price is $2,875,000. This car won’t have a fancy gimmick, this car is just a supercar. There are no extra features like weapons and more. This car handling is smooth and good. This car’s top speed is almost 140 mph

3) Vigilante

Vigilante(Image via Rockstar Games)
The Vigilante is a famous car in GTA online, this car has only some players. The Vigilante price is almost $3,750,000. The Vigilante has a rocket booster, and this is the fastest supercar blindingly. The Vigilante gives the BattMan look. Also, this car has machine guns and homing missiles. The top speed of this is 115 mph.

2) Rocket Voltic

Rocket voltic(Image via Rockstar Games)
The Rocket Voltic is worth it to his price, the price of this car is $3,830,400. This car is made for fun, and this car is different from other cars. The car looks older, but they have a rocket booster in a car. The Rocket Voltic has included some extra features. The Rocket Voltic top speed is 145.00 km/hr.

1) Scramjet 

Scramjet(Image via Rockstar Games)
The Scramjet is a gimmicky vehicle with a toy look. This car is the fastest supercar in GTA online, the top speed is 220.48 km/hr. The car price is almost $4,628,000. The Scramjet is some special ability in powerful jumping and it includes the rocket booster. The car includes a machine gun, so players can destroy any vehicle easily. The car control is so smooth, and there is a rocket booster-like rocket voltaic.       
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