Genshin Impact 2.5 new leaks showcased more new outfits for Amber, Jean, Rosaria, and Mona. This new costume is a censored version of the Chinese rendition of the game. The new outfits have changed a bit, as they match more closely from the official tweets. Now there is a new English text for each costume. The name of the costume is: 

  • Jean: Gunnhildr’s Legacy
  • Amber: 100% Outrider
  • Rosaria: To the Church’s Free Spirit
  • Mona: Pact of Stars and Moon

Genshin Impact 2.5 leaks: Amber, Jean, Rosaria, and Mona’s new outfits

Amber, Jean, Rosaria, and Mona’s new outfits
Amber, Jean, Rosaria, and Mona’s new outfits(Image via Genshin Impact)
In the above image, we see the old and new outfits side-by-side; the first character model represents the old outfit, and the right side character model represents the new outfit. 

Amber’s outfit

[2.5 Beta]

Amber Alternate Outfit

— 46cba (@abc64fake) January 20, 2022

Amber’s new outfit comes with different colors, and her shorts are slightly longer on the back. Their default outfit talked about “maximum mobility”, which isn’t a talking point in the new costume’s description.

Jean’s outfit

[2.5 Beta]

Jean Alternate Outfit

— 46cba (@abc64fake) January 20, 2022

Jean’s new outfit comes with a formal black dress shirt covering her chest. Here outfit mentions how this “ceremonial outfit” is suitable for most situations. Also, Jean has the highest number of outfits.

Rosaria’s outfit

[2.5 Beta]

Rosaria Alternate Outfit

— 46cba (@abc64fake) January 20, 2022

Rosaria’s new outfit covers her shoulders, and there is less pronounced shading on her chest. She no longer wears what looked like fishnet stockings and now has long boots.

Mona’s outfit 

[2.5 Beta]

Mona Alternate Outfit

— 46cba (@abc64fake) January 20, 2022

 Her new outfit has some changes, the chest is partially covered, and her top is a more formal leotard, she wears completely different legging. Also, the new outfit had a 30% discount on it. 

What you think about new outfits, tell me in the comment section. And also you can read the Ayato, Heizou, and Dainsleif characters come in Genshin Impact 2.6.  

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