Battleground Mobile India Official Launch today


Battleground Mobile India is an Offical Launch today. The game is available in the play store today. So you can download the game and play with your friends. This article is more information about the Battleground Mobile India launch, payment methods, some bug fixes, and more.

Battleground Mobile India Official Launch

The game is launched today, and you can download the game I will give you a link. The game is launched full version and compatible with all devices. 

  •  Game launch:- July 2, 2021(Fri) 06:30am
  • Devices:-  Android (AOS)
  • Click here to download the page and enjoy the game with your friends.
Battleground Mobile India comes with major changes. The major update and they are fixe some bugs.
  •  match making issue
  •  in-game download probleams
  • server not responding
  • Voice glitch
  • some glitches 
  • more

Best Sensitivity for Battleground Mobile India

Best Sensitivity for Battleground Mobile India

You can read the full article click here.

The Sensitivity is very effective on over-gameplay. Good sensitivity was given the good spree, and improve the over-gameplay. Most Esport players improve in their game using Game sensitivity. So Good sensitivity is the stable spree for any gun. And you knock out the player if the player has the 100m, 200m far. So today’s article we see the best sensitivity to your device. I will give you an overview of this article.

Camera sensitivity:-

120-190 = 3rd Person(TPP) No Scope
130-200 = 1st Person(FPP) No Scope
50-100 =  Red Dot, Holographic
80-120 = 2x scope
15-25 = 3x  scope
10-20 = 4x scope
5-10 = 6x scope
3-10 = 8x scope

ADS sensitivity:-

  • 95-100 = 3rd Person(TPP) No Scope
  • 100-120 = 1st Person(FPP) No Scope
  • 55-60 =  Red Dot, Holographi
  • 37-45 = 2x scope
  • 30-35 = 3x  scope
  • 25-30 = 4x scope
  • 20-23 = 6x scope10-13 = 8x scope

Gyroscope Sensitivity:-

  • 300 = 3rd Person(TPP) No Scope
  • 300 = 1st Person(FPP) No Scope
  • 300 =  Red Dot, Holographic
  • 300 = 2x scope
  • 240 = 3x  scope
  • 210 = 4x scope
  • 100 = 6x scope
  • 50 = 8x scope

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