Battlegrounds Mobile India New update, patch notes, more
BGMI 1.5 updates and July patch notes
The Battleground Mobile India be version coming soon on some days. The Battleground Mobile India is releasing their new updates and The July patch notes. So they are changing the game and we get a different experience to the game. The BGMI major change the game. So read this article and know full detail, so what are changes coming.

BGMI New updates and July patch notes:-

New Gun:-

Battleground Mobile India 1.5 update comes with a new gun. The gun type is a Light Machine Gun(LMG). The new gun is an M63 they are replacing with M249. After the update of the M249, we are seeing in the normal loot like m416, AKM, scar-l. The M249 is all maps available, But we don’t see M249 in Karakin map. The new gun M63 uses 7.62 ammo, so this gun is so powerful.

Throwable healing items:-

Now we are trow the healing items. So over teammate are some destines and they need some medies so we throw and give the medies over teammate, and save here to knock out. These features are so unique and we get the improve gameplay.

sensitivity customization:-

After update 1.5 come in BGMI, we are creating all gun sensitivity. Like the Assult rifle and Sniper rifle are different sensitivity. So we don’t change all sensitivity. We set different sensitivity. So this is the big change that comes in the new update.

Royale Pass:-

The Royale pass comes to only One Month. We see after the update the Royale pass has a 50RP and they are only 4 weeks. All royale pass come to separate two-part like M1, M2. 

The M1 Royale pass comes on the 14 July 7:30 a.m. And they are confirmed by Battleground Mobile India. Also this time the Price decreases. So read this article click here.

New Game mode – Ignition Mode:-

The new update comes to the new mode, This mode name is “Ignition Mode”. This mode comes only the Multiplayer mode, and at that time many changes come. The changed Drop location name and Input the new Buolding. You see all buildings come to the future. I will give you a full list of what is changes are coming.
  • Transit Center – Pochinki 
  • Port of Georgopol – Georgopol 
  • Tech Center – School 
  • Security Center – Military Base 
  • Logistics Agency – Yasnaya Polyana 
  • Energy Center – Mylta Power 
Also, they have included Semi Trucks, ASM Abakan, Anti-gravity Motorcycle, Air Conveyors, and more.

Glass windows:-

Now we see the many buildings that have come to the glass windows. So this update gives a realistic feel to the game. This update has come manny buildings like Pochinki, school, Military Bass, Miramar. And also players are shooting the windows the glass is broken and they give a realistic feel, and also player jumps the windows the glass is broke. After breaking the glass they, do not repair it.

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