Best Food farm in Minecraft for beginners - AFK farm

All Minecraft player’s problem is “Food”, players have good armers, good weapons, but they are dia because of the no food. All Minecraft players know what is the importance of food in-game. So this article we see the best AFK farm in Minecraft.

We know the game has a lot of food, like cow, ship, fish, chicken, potato, and more. But there is one problem we invest time to collect these items. Manny way to collect the food, like farming, hunting, and more. So we see the Best Food Farm in Minecraft.

Best Food farm in Minecraft

5) Fish Farm

Fish farm is an easy way to fishing, and this is an AFK farm, so you can go to this farm and stay AFK, after some time you can get many fish’s. This farm is a row cod and row salmon fish you take, this farm is one of the best farms for beginners.

4) Cow farm

Cow farm is one of the easy farms to build, this farm used to Cow and they give meat and leather, So a player can use leather to create the book. This farm needs need the Cow, strings, and some two or three other items, these are given in the video. This farm work as, the cow are bread, and baby cows come so automatically they are dead and we get the meat and leather.

3) Villager Crop farm

This farm use player can get the potato. And also they can use the bread the villagers, so they can get more villagers, this is the second use of this far. The First use of this farm is we can get easily potatoes, so play can use them to increase health.

2) Pig farm

Pig farm is the best and fast farm to get unlimited meat. Many Minecraft players use this farm, and they are fil the meat requipment, This farm is an easy way to build. You can see the video and easily build this farm. 

1) Cooked chicken farm

Cooked chicken is the best food to increase health. This farm uses lava to cook the chicken, this food is more effective than normal food. Cooked chicken increase the six health point, so this is very useful. This farm is easy to create you can watch the video.

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By Tecnews