Best Missions in GTA Vice city

The GTA Vice city is an all players play in their childhood. This game is one of the famous game from 2002 to 2010. All player knows to who is a Tommy Vercetti. In this article, we give the best moment of Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City. And also Give the top 5 best missions completing Tommy Vercetti.

5 Best Missions in GTA Vice City:-

#5 –  Cap the Collector

This mission about some Mafia man who robs the Cap owner.  Cap the Collector’s missions are to take down all man and take the money to give the Cap owner. This mission is so easy to take the mafia and last Tommy take beg then the police try to cath him. The police try hard to take Tommy. But Tommy was run away and complete the mission.

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#4 – Rub Out 

The Rub Out missions about to Versety Mansion. The Ricardo Diaz used to control Vice City with a tight grip before Tommy loosened it. We see in the cut scene the Tommy and Lance used their M4 carbines. They are attached in Ricardo Diaz and tack down his all property and Vice City control.

#3 – Martha’s Mug Shot

Martha’s Mug Shot mission is to blackmail Alex Shrub Because she wants to gain puritan votes by placing restrictions on the industry. Tommy Vercetti follows Alex Shrub since he runs InterGlobal Studios. This mission is an impressive display of Tommy’s can’t-say-die attitude as he survives an entire onslaught of FIB agents with powerful weaponry.

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#2 – Psycho Killer

This mission about saves the Love First bend. The Psycho Killer plan is going to consent and kill the Love first. But Tommy is going to the consent and the Psycho Killer was run away his fast car. Tommy tries to take down the killer as they try hard. Tommy was successful takedown the Psycho Killer and saved the Love First.

#1 – Keep Your Friends Close

The Keep Your Friends Close missions against the mafia boos, Tommy is not only betrayed by his boss Sonny Forelli, and Tommy loses his right-hand man Lance Vance. Tommy overcame several enemy waves and took out his two major targets and they shoot him. The Mafia was dealt with, Tommy was able to freely run his operations without further hindrance.

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