Battleground Mobile India now plays all players, and many players are purchases the royale pass. Because the BGMI decreases the price of the RP, so Indian players are comfortable purchasing the royale pass. Now the Season M2 ends, and the new season M3 is coming soon.
The M1 season ended on the 17th of September, and the new season M2 comes on the 13th of August. So you can see the all rewards, and items about 1 to 50 RP. Also, you can purchase the royal pass and benefit from the 60 UC. You can see all the details about Battleground Mobile India Season M2.

BGMI Season M3 Royale Pass rewards

The Battleground Mobile India give the two elite pass for all players. The first is an Elite royale pass, the price is 300 UC include the 60 UC RP voucher. And the second is an Elite Plus royale pass, the price is 900 UC include the 60 UC RP voucher. Now we can see all the rewards, from rank 1 to rank 50. Video via Stan Go Youtube Channel.

Rank 1

Rank 1the reward is a brand new outfit and a QBZ skin. The outfit name is a Lone wolf set and the QBZ  skin name is a Lone wolf QBZ.

Rank 5

Rank 5 players get the headgear for the rank 1 RP outfit, which is the Lone wolf headgear.

Rank 10

Rank 10  players will get an amazing backpack skin, which is a Veggi Carton backpack, This is Legendary backpack skin.

Rank 13

Rank 13 players get Supermarket Sale Parachute, this is so color full. 

Rank 15

Rank 15 players will get the Twist Dance Emote for the season.

Rank 20

Rank 20 players will get the brand new plan skin is called  Fruit Splash Airplane.

Rank 25

Rank 1the reward is a brand new outfit Leopard Suit Outfit.

Rank 30

Rank 30 players get two rewards, the first is a legendry grand skin, and the second is a Mythic Emote of the season, which is a Deep-fried emote and Deally Cabbage Grenade.

Rank 40

The rank 40 players are getting the new gun skin for the M164A, which is called a Veggie Parcel M164A.

Rank 50

The Rank 50 players get the Mythic outfit and the headgear. The outfit’s name is Deep Fried Cover Set and they come to a  Deep Fried Cover Headgear. 

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