Free Fire 4th anniversary rewards in India


Free Fire complete the four years, so they are celebrating the 4th anniversary. The Garena announced the 4th-anniversary celebration on 4th August, so these date players are getting some rewards.
Free Fire has a big number of players, they play battle-royale games worldwide. So Free fire launch the game on 30 September 2017, and now they completed the 4th year of the battle royale. Now that day to celebrate, so Garena celebrate this day to gift some rewards to the free-fire players.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Party Event

As you can see in the image, the free fire gives the new update on 4th August, and this day game celebrates the 4th anniversary, so they are given a new mode and new weapons in this update. As you know the Free Fire launch the OB29 update on 4th August, you can click to read this post.
This update the Free Fire gives the new weapons, new tdm mode, this mode is a 1v1 mode and you can play with your friends, and improve the close-range fights. The game includes a new character on the 4th of August.

As the 4th Anniversary Party Event, the garena gives the characters in free for all players. These characters are completely free for all players and these are permanent characters. Top op players get some special rewards like skins, pets, customs, and more. You can check the all rewards in this video. 

Free Fire Thus, this time around, there will be an eruption of new occasions to match with the commemoration festivities, keeping players drew in while additionally compensating them with numerous prizes. A schedule will most likely be delivered ahead of the occasion, giving members additional data. 
There are a few breaks and bits of hearsay in regards to the occasions and rewards that have effectively surfaced on the web. Until further notice, the players can hang tight for the OB29 update to be delivered.
Note: The official update comes on the 4th of August, so players can wait 4th Anniversary Party Event

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