Free Fire City Open (FFCO) theme song released, Prize pool, Finalist teams
FFCO National Finals song Booyah For Your City (Image via Free Fire India Esports’Youtube)

Free Fire launch the Song about the FFCO, Fans are so surprised to launch the song. Free Fire play tournament in last four months, and the 15th August the finial game about the Free Fire City Open
(FFCO) tournament.
Free Fire-new theme song is called ” Booyah For Your City”, and this song especially comes for the FFCO finials.  This song released Garena India to suppress the fans, and the famous rapper IKKA, BrodhaV, Kidshot, StreetViolator, and Cizzy are rappe this song.

Prize distribution for Free Fire City Open 2021 Prize distribution

Free Fire City Open tournament has a huge prize pool, the prize pool is a 60lakh INR. Currently, we have some data available so follow over the Instagram page to get quick update. All prize pool is here.
  • 1st place:- 15 lakh INR
  • 2nd place:- 7.5 lakh INR
  • 3rd place:- 5 lakh INR
  • The team will most kill:- 1 lakh INR
  • The Most Valuable Player(MVP) :- 50,000 INR
Free Fire City Open Tournament Strem on YouTube and Facebook, at 6 pm IST on 15th August, so you can watch the stream and give support to your favorite team.

 Finalist Teams of the FFCO

  1. Punjab Panthers
  2. Lucknow Tigers
  3. Lucknow Warriors
  4. Dehradun Wolves
  5. Mumbai Strikers
  6. Hyderabad Nawabs
  7. Kolkata Kings
  8. Ahmedabad Lions
  9. Delhi Titans
  10. Chennai Hunters
  11. Chennai Conquerors
  12. Vizag Victors


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