Free Fire Max Pre Registration, APK size, and more details
Free Fire Max( Image via Google Play Store) 
 Free Fire recently announced, they realize the Next version of the Fee Fire, This name is Free Fire Max. Players can enjoy the free fire max in high graphics, and max level performance. All free-fire fans are so happy about this news. The player is able to pre-register the game, and we see the game size, and more detail about the free fire max. 

Free Fire Max pre-registrations, Download size, and more

Free Fire Max Pre-registration

The Free Fire Max pre-registration starts on the 29th of August, and players are able to download the game soon. Players have searched the game in Google Play Store and Pre-register the Free Fire Max. Also, click here to Free Fire Max Pre-registration.  
Follow this step for Free Fire Max pre-registration:
Step 1: Open the Google Play Store
Step 2: Search the “Free Fire Max” 
Step 3: Open the Free Fire Max app
Step 4: Click on the pre-registration button. 
Players click here to directly go to the Free Fire Max play store page, click here. So the game was realized you can notification in your device.

Free Fire Download Size

Free Fire Max APK size(Image Via Play Store)
Free Fire Max download size depends on the device, but some devices show the APK size, the size of the APK is 1.03 GB. The game size is almost the same as Battleground Mobile India. The Garena realizes the game is competitive to BGMI. Also, the game size depended on the Device.

What’s new in Free Fire Max

The Free Fire Max is Enhance version of the Free Fire Max. Players expand their gameplay and they also improve the gaming experience. Free Fire Max has come to the Ultra HD Graphics, and Better gameplay. Players see all the details of what’s new in free fire Max.
  1.  A player is a creat, Build, and they share their own map! 
  2. Lone Wolf – 1v1 mode
  3. Sprinting animation update and Character reload.
  4. Players can request items from teammates in the Clash squad matches.
  5. New Weapon AC80 is available in all modes
  6. Weapon Sensitivity 
  7. Character Balancing Adjustment for Jota, Luqueta, Shani, Alvaro
  8. A player can Add a drag-to-run option in the settings menu
The Free Fire Max has compared the Pubg Mobile in the future. What’s your opinion about the Free Fire Max.

By Tecnews