Genshin Impact 2.4 leaks: Yunjin and Chasm
Genshin Impact 2.4 leaks: Yunjin and Chasm (Image via Twitter)

Genshin Impact 2.2 just start, and there are new leaks for version 2.4 comes. So we see the full details in this article.
According to the two trusted leakers, version 2.4 comes with a playable character Yunjin, and the highly-anticipated Chasm region may appear as well. 

Genshin Impact leakers predict The Yunjin and Chasm for version 2.4

The Genshin Impact leakers, Tz and UBatcha, recently posted on their Twitter account about the game’s upcoming update. This information is congruent with one another, and they both agree to Yunjin and a new region will be coming in version 2.4.

I can vouch for the same info that 2.4 will bring Yunjin with no news on Shenhe’s release (from my info), I can also add that 2.4 should also bring a new area – Likely to be the Chasm.

— UBatcha (@Ubatcha1) October 18, 2021

A translation of UBarcha’s tweet is Yunjin is confirmed for Genshin Impact 2.4, though the leaker didn’t see her element or rarity. Tz also agreeing that Yunjin is destined for 2.4. Tz also claims there’s no news about Shenhe’s banner. 

yep new area

— Not Tangzhu (@Tangzhu_Tz) October 18, 2021

The leaker also added some information regarding the Chasm, would also arrive in version 2.4. Though Tz didn’t confirm The Chasm’s arrival, they agree with UBatcha that a new area comes in version 2.4.

Players maybe explore The Chasm in version 2.4

After the Genshine Impact launched the Chasm has been labeled on the Teyvat map. Players are known to this region will be open for some point. 
After seeing the recent leaks fans are hopeful the Chasm feature comes in version 2.4. 

A hint within the game that the Chasm might bring some cool new features to Genshin Impact!

— Genshin Leaks + Streamer (@iKarinia) March 30, 2021

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