Gta 5 frustrating missions
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Gta 5 one of the most popular game in world. All players play game for some action, kill people, fast drive car, all activities he was not doing in real life. That’s way Fan’s love GTA series. 
But the GTA series popular to his open-world. But there is Soo Good story line. All players was definitely complete the Story line. So you can definitely play some Unique missions. But i will show you 5 frustrating missions in GTA 5.

5 frustrating missions from GTA 5 :-

#5 – Minor turbulence:-

GTA 5 make this game for entertainment, but they create some very hardest missions. So this missions was not completing, we try to lots of time. The Minor Turbulence missions is a hardest mission in the game. This mission we drive to plan and go tho another plan. This mission was see in easy but there is so frustrating missions, because all time the plan was crash to each other’s, and missions was fails. You watch video to see the how frustrating this mission.

#4 – Did Somebody Say Yoga? :-

Michael De Senta, wife was try yoga in every morning. With her Yoga teacher. So we play yoga with Amanda(Michael’s wife). But there is a one twist the yoga teacher was try difficult yoga. And all the time the we use the Aro-key faster, If we miss any one key,so missions was automatically fails.You see video to how difficult this missions.

#3 – Burying the Hatchet :-

This missions was a past of the Michael, So there is a The Micheal and Trevor was a go to heist in North Yakhton city. And the present time the Trevor a find the clew about this heist. So Micheal was stop the Traver to go the North Yakhton. And this mission was so long and many time they mission was fail by Trevor.

#2 – Derailed:-

This mission about the Trevor,but is known for his psychotic tendencies. They give a little too far in this mission. This mission was a jump to a running train and land of the train roof. So the Derailed misson are so frustrating missions in ever mad.

#1 – Flight School:-

The Rock star add a side missions in the all GTA series. So we compleate a 100% GTA 5, there is complete all side missions. There is a Flight School (Gold Medals) is a so boring and frusutrating missions, This missions are the use avore ability and fight. This mission are you can see in video to how frustrating this mission.

All 5 missions was a author’s views, there is some changes.

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