Gta 5 Mod used by Techno Gamerz

We all see GTA 5 videos on youtube. But some YouTubers are very famous for his fresh content. There is one YouTubers The Techno Gamerz, is India’s biggest GTA 5 YouTuber with a sub. base of 17+ million.

The Techni Gamerz is play GTA 5 in single player story mode in GTA 5. And he is create the story using the mode.The story base on the Michael De Santa, Car showroom business, Mafia,etc. So This article lists some of the most popular GTA mods used by Techno Gamerz.

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GTA 5 mods used by Techno Gamerz :-

#1 – Travel to North Yankton :-

The Techno Gamerz was most of go to Nort Yankton. The ‘travel to North Yankton’ mod use to explore the city of North Yankton.  North Yankton was the area used in the prologue mission of GTA 5, We could not explore the city in game. 

This mod use to explore the city, and this mode adds pedestrians and traffic to the city. So use the mode and we see the North Yankton was part of the GTA 5 map. So the Techno Gamerz use this mod to complete his story, and create the Mafia mansion in game.

#2 – Build a Missions:-

Build a Missions one of the most popular mods for GTA 5 used by Techno Gamerz. This mod use to spawn any objects like car,bike,train,plans,buildings more. Techno gamerz use this mod to creat a different story line on his videos.

This mod ability is spwen NPC’s, vehicles, So the techno gamerz use this mode to all videos to create..

#3 – Jobs & heist creation mod:-

Techno Gamerz use the mod to create a highest and jobs. And they use to his videos, like Heist in car show room, Banks, Mafias base.Following is a list of all the jobs and heist’s added with this mod.

  • Repossess cars/bikes for Simeon
  • Steal a security briefcase 
  • Assassinate targets 
  • Steal the diamonds
  • Distract the cops 
  • Steal the Prison Bus 
  • Steal the coke from a Tug Boat 
  • Take-down smuggler helicopters/car/paln.
  • Go to gang meetups 
  • Go to gang hideouts 
  • Humane Labs Heist 

#4 – Open all interiors:-

This mod to use of all place unlock to lock in the game. The techno gamerz use to this mod to go the secret bunker,and go to underground. This mode to usefull to execs any building and any place to lock by game. Like FIB building. Hospitals, clubs, police stations, and restaurants. Techno Gamerz uses this mod to execs any building in his videos.

#5 – Actor Manager:-

This mod use to spawn NPC’s and set their paths, so they go and do as instructed. Techno Gamerz use this mod to setup his heist planing,haracter meetups, shoot-outs, etc.

This mod use NPC skin to use in director mode, the weapon the actor will hold, and press F6 to open the Actor Manager menu. And spawned new character from there, which will take the player’s current position, skin, heading, and weapon.

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