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All fans are waiting for GTA 6. The last GTA game launch in 2013 is a GTA 5. There is a not com upcoming GTA  game. GTA Online is a part of a GTA 5, so this game is a multiplayer mod of the GTA 5. The Rock Star game launch GTA 6 as name “Project America” it’s true or not they are a mystery. 

The famous leaker Tom Henderson, they leaked the Battlefield news. And this is true, now they are given some news about the GTA 6 map, what its location, where the game comes, how many characters are the game, The game is online or offline, more information I will cover in this article.

GTA 6 information revealed by leaker

Tom Henderson says this information is not actually about the GTA 6, There are changes. So GTA fans do not take a serious and wait until the Rockstar Games are announcing the game.

Here are the few details that he has shared:

Multiple protagonists, including a female character

The last leak we see in the upcoming GTA game includes the Female protagonists in the game. And all fans and some information say the GTA 6 has an include a female protagonist. Tom claims that the game would have a female main character. The game is Multiple protagonists, so we are play games the different protagonists like GTA 5. So the story is the change according to the protagonists.

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The release date is probably 2024 or 2025

All athore leaked are told the game comes in 2023. but Tom says the game comes in 2024 or 2025. because this game is totally made for the next generation PC and console. So games take some time to launch so Rockstar delays the game. This information is announcing the Rockstar.

It will be in a modern setting

According to the Project Americas leak, the upcoming GTA is base on 1980. But Handerson claims the game is base on the present timeline. So fans are upset to see this news because the timeline is base on the current time. So the Tom perspective view the game will be set in the modern world.

 The game Location and Map

GTA 6 map

The game Location probably bases on Vice city. The game map is the three different iland according to the previous leaked. The game adds some new DLCs to expand the map in the future. The game map bigger than GTA 5, so fans are super excited about the game.

Cryptocurrency may be incorporated

Cryptocurrency maybe adds to purchase any items and mission reward. If the game launch in the present day. This is totally base on the Game timeline. There is some different Currency add Rockstar.

Note:- This leakes are not confirmed there is a difference, so do not take it seriously. What do you think please comment below?

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