The GTA 6 guide, or if nothing else a piece of it, has allegedly been released on the web and it lines up with past spills. We got our first glance at the alleged guide of GTA 6 back in mid-2020 when two pictures spilled. Later in 2020, another picture surfaced, showing a more intensive glance at one of the previously mentioned pictures. Also, presently another picture has surfaced web-based appearance off a greater amount of the other previously mentioned picture. As such, every one of the four of the pictures is associated, however, it’s hazy why they are releasing piecemeal.

The principal picture that started off this series of breaks showed an enormous assortment of land, supplemented by a couple of more modest landmasses that are apparently islands. In view of other past releases, it’s conceivable the enormous guide is Vice City and its encompassing region while the more modest islands are different Caribbean islands. Whatever the case, when the huge guide was released, half of it was inadequate. This new break rounds out this fragmented half. It doesn’t uncover a lot, however when you piece the different releases together, they show three huge landmasses including more than one huge city and an assortment of more modest islands. 

You can check Map images:

Every one of the four of these pictures has been dropped on 4chan by unknown clients. At the end of the day, each should be taken with a significant grain of salt. Probably the greatest holes have come from unknown leakers on 4chan, however, a lot of bollocks consistently come from the site also. All things considered, if these are fakes, they are great fakes. 

Various leakers – solid and non-dependable – have said the game’s focal area is Vice City, the series anecdotal interpretation of Miami. Nonetheless, there’s been some conflict about the remainder of the game’s guide. In some case, the guide is supported with different Caribbean islands. Others guarantee the game’s other focal area in South America, while some say the guide will include numerous American urban communities. These pictures appear to loan belief to the game being set in Vice City and the encompassing the Caribbean, yet that is just in the event that they are genuine. 

Right now of distributing Rockstar Games has not remarked on any of this.t hasn’t remarked on the past pictures and it hasn’t remarked on this new one

By Tecnews