After a long time, GTA Online has finally released its new DLC, The Criminal Enterprises. The new DLC comes with new cars and vehicles, and the Rockstar game promised they are adding more new vehicles shortly. Players can purchase new cars from Legendary Motorsport, Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and Elitas Travel. There are a total of five new cars and one helicopter added.       

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises – new cars, and their prices

Legendary Motorsport

πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²New Vehicles & Prices from Legendary Motorsport, Southern SA Super Autos & Elitas Travel#TheCriminalEnterprises #GTAOnline

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There is a total of four new cars launched in Legendary Motorsport, three classic sports cars, and one SUV.  The car name and prices are below:-
  1. Pegassi Torero XO :- $2,890,000/-
  2. Obey Omnis E-GT :- $1,795,000/-
  3. Benefactor LM87 :- $2,915,000/-
  4. Lampadati Corsita :- $1,795,000/-

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

6 New vehicles day one
– Conada ($2,450,000 – $1,837,500)
– Corsita ($1,795,000)
– Greenwood ($1,465,000 – $1,098,750)
– LM87 ($2,915,000)
– Torero XO ($2,890,000)
– Omnis E-GT ($1,795,000)

Total ($13,310,000 – $12,331,250)#GTAOnline

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There’s right now one new car added in Southern San Andreas Super Auto, the Bravado Greenwood, The car price is between $1,098,750 – $1,465,000.   

Elitas Travel

🚁 The new helicopter CANNOT have weapons added unfortunately#TheCriminalEnterprises #GTAOnline

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The Criminal Enterprises DLC has added a new helicopter called Canada. Like Greenwood, it also seems to have a Trade Price, as its price ranges from $1,837,500 – $2,450,000
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By Tecnews