Hardest Missions in GTA Vice City 2021


We play GTA Vice City over childhood. The manny memory of the GTA vice city. We are complete the game using the cheats. But we don’t know the Hardest missions we complete them easily, using the cheat codes. 

This article about the Hardest missions in Gta vice city. These missions are so hard because the timing of the missions is so secure. Some missions we know but some missions we are don’t know. Now you know about the hardest missions in GTA vice city. And tell your friends the hardest missions you completed easily.

5 Hardest missions in GTA Vice City:-

#5 – The job:-

This mission about the Bank heist.This missions the Action, driving, and cops losing the mission. We complete the heist to get help from 4 friends. These missions are so interesting and very hard missions. Because we heist the bank and the army has come in the bank. We lost over 1 friend. And the 5-star police was catching to Tommy. We drive the car fastly end remove the cops. Then complete the missions.

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#4 – The Driver:-

The Driver missions about the racing mission. This mission was we race the over friend. The friend’s car was a supercar and Tommy’s car was a normal car. The start of the race over friend was become a no.1 using his super-car. We complete 50% of the race then the cops are chasing Tommy. So that time we complete the race and lose the cops. That’s why these mission are so hardest missions.

#3 – Dildo Dodo:-

This mission complete to the using plan. But there is one twist the plan was to drop the ads to move. The plan is to control was to hard. The ads started to cross the blue dots. But there is one surprise to Tommy. Because the all dots are very hard locations. So all the time the plan was crease the buildings.

#2 – Bombs Away:-

This missions are the we plant the bomb using Toy-plan. The location of the bommb plaaanting is a Mafia’s house, And the control of the plan is so hard. So the plan was come the location. The all NPC’s was run away using the boat and cars. The NPC’s drive very fast and they are the shoot in the plan to try destroy. The plan was destroy so mission was fail. That’s way the mission was so hard.

#1 – Demolition Man:-

This mission are one of the hardest mission in the GTA Vice City. This mission are to the destroy the Building using the toy-plan. The plan control are so hard and the building was guard proof. we plant the 5 bombs in the 5 Flores. All flores are the weapon-less guards. They try to destor the plan and save the building. So this mission are so hard to compere the every missions.

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One thought on “Hardest Missions in GTA Vice City 2021”
  1. Why mostly people think Demolition Man is the hardest mission
    Because they never reached this mission and stucked on demolition man.
    For beginners This mission is the worst thing.
    I take gta all missions serious rather than my exams .if i fail in any GTA mission ,i practise it 1000 times but if i fail in exam i didnt care .miss that time .

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