All GTA Online players enjoy a game with their friends and they do missions and heists. But GTA Online has more than you see. Players can join the Role Play servers, and they enjoy the game as different engle. In Role Playe(RP) Servers, the players gate the different roles, like Businessman, Shopkeeper,  Policeman, thief, farmer, and more. Also, players make their empire in-game. There are different RP servers available at a time like NoPixel, Eclipse RP, GTA World, Mafia City, and more. Players can easily join this server and enjoy the game with their friends.  
GTA RP Server: GTA World 

How to Join GTA RP servers: a step-by-step guide

In this YouTube video, the YouTuber explains very well to how to join GTA Role Play servers. The GTA RP Servers are fun, and players find their job and continue with them. 
The first step is to join the Discord Server for this particular server.  All Servers have some member limitations and at a time this server has not full. So players can easily join this server and enjoy the game.
Players can join the Discord server and applied with their details. After the server member accept your request, you can part of the RP server. Below is a step-by-step guide to how to join the RP server:
  •     Register for a Discord account.
  •     Join your chosen GTA RP server.
  •     Read the ‘how to join’ page on the Discord thread.
  •     Before the interview, gamers must supply “role request” info.
  •     Successfully complete interview (hopefully).
  •     Pass through to training servers.
  •     Start playing GTA RP.

After, the process is done players can join the server, enjoy the new world and make new friends. Once you enter the server, you can choose your job. 

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