Minecraft Championship (MCC) 18: First half of teams announced

Minecraft Championship 18 is starting on Oct, 23rd at 8 pm BST. Only two weeks are left to start the championship, this tournament is base on the Halloween theme. The Minecraft Championship is a famous series event by Noxcrew. All Minecraft contact creates are very excited about MCC. 

In the MCC 18 there are ten teams to play the eight different mini-games and try to win the point, and try to finish the top two. After complete the main event, the top two teams play the one last mini-game, and finely we see the ultimate winner.

Minecraft Championship (MCC) 18: First half teams

 The first half of teams announced (Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
The first half of the teams were announced on October 7, Thursday. We see them all teams.

Team Red Ravens

  • Wisp
  • Ph1LzA
  • TommyInnit
  • Jack Manifold

Team Orange Oozes

  • GizzyGazza
  • Mefs
  • TapL
  • Krtzyy

Team Mustard Mummies

  • Sylvee
  • Tubbo
  • Sapnap
  • Smajor

Team Lime Liches

  • Gee Nelly
  • Illumina
  • Captain Puffy
  • Ryguyrocky

Team Green Goblins

  • Grian 
  • Nihachu
  • Hbomb94
  • GeminiTay

Announcing team Orange Oozes 👑@GizzyGazza @Mefssss @TapLHarV @Krtzyy

Watch them in MCC on Saturday October 23rd at 8pm BST! pic.twitter.com/XKiEYlzHX6

— MC Championship (@MCChampionship_) October 7, 2021

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Who is participating in Minecraft Championship 18

The Secon half of the team’s announcement will be Friday, October 8. So you can see the latest news about Minecraft Championship on Twitter
Minecraft Championship 18 will take place on Saturday, October 23, at 8:00 pm BST. This would be 3:00 pm EST, 2:00 pm CST, and 12:00 pm PST. Viewers can catch the streams on various social network platforms.
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