Minecraft: The Wild Update announced new blockes
Minecraft: The Wild Update announced new blocks(Image via Minecraft)
The most popular event, Minecraft Live 2021 announced some new biomes, blocks, mobs are coming in the upcoming update. Minecraft the wild update comes with new changes, players can see all changes in the game.
 As of Minecraft Live 2021, announced some new features come in-game, like blocks, biomes, and more. Here is the full list of all-new blocks announced in Minecraft the Wild Update.   

Minecraft: The Wild Update – all new blocks

Mangrove leaves

Mangrove leaves are generated part of the Mangrove trees, these blocks are decorative blocks. So players can use them to decorate your building.

Mangrove log

Mangrove log is generated part of the mangrove tree. Players can use them to craft planks.

Mangrove planks

Mangrove planks
Mangrove planks(Image via Minecraft)

Mangrove planks are crafted by mangrove logs, The use of Mangrove planks, craft items, boats, buttons, more.

Mangrove propagule

Mangrove propagules generate to the mangrove leaves. Players can plant them, and they will grow into a mangrove tree.

Mangrove roots

Players can find the roots nearby from Mangrove trees, also mangrove roots are decorative items. 


Mud(Image via Minecraft)

Mud makes clay. Players can place it on top of dripstone to form clay. Mud can be found in mangrove swamps and can be made by using a water bottle on a dirt block.

Mud bricks

Mud bricks are decorative items, players can craft using mud, sand, and wheat.


Sculk block is a part of the Deep Dark biome, Players can find them in a cave. Sculk grows a mob’s corpse around a sculk catalyst.

Sculk catalyst

Sculk catalyst generates the Deep Dark biomes, and it’s made out of sculk. Sculk catalysts spread sculk blocks whenever a mob dies nearby. 

Sculk vein

Sculk shriekers are generated in the deep dark biomes. There are two soul-shaped patterns in the center of the block, which can be activated by sculk sensors.

Sculk shrieker

Sculk shrieker has an animated texture, so players can place it as a decorative item. Sculk shriekers are generated by the deep dark biomes.

Frame block

Frame block
Frame block(Image via Minecraft)

Frame blocks compose large frames at the center of Deep Dark City structures. They appear to be made out of deep slate and are said to have an unknown but interesting purpose.

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