Minecraft update 1.18 snapshot 21w38a for java edition
Minecraft update 1.18 snapshot (Image via Mojang)

The Minecraft version 1.8 is all readiest to publish globally, the game developer released the yesterday, The Minecraft 1.8 has come with many changes, so we see all changes in this article.

We’re now releasing Minecraft Snapshot 21w38a, adding Strongholds 😏 We heard you really wanted them! It’s also full of performance improvements, tweaks and bug fixes. Check it out! https://t.co/VzFHsSYWVs

— slicedlime (@slicedlime) September 23, 2021

Minecraft 1.8 Snapshot 21w38a

Changes made in snapshot 21w38a

All new changes are available in-game, so you can read the full detail.

Changes made to ore distribution

  • Copper ore can now be found up to Y level 95. Previously, it used to generate till Y level 96.
  • The amount of copper ore has been increased.
  • Instead of being spread out, lapis lazuli ore generates blobs in this snapshot.

Changes made to Sprinting

  • No longer will the player go from sprinting to walking normally when they slightly brush their sleeve against a wall. It will only happen because of larger angles of collision with a block.

Technical changes made in snapshot 21w38a

  • The developers have added a new setting in Minecraft: “Simulation distance.”
  • The background threads have been increased.
  • Telemetry for world generation has been added.

Simulation distance setting

  • Mobs and other entities will not be updated outside of simulation distance.
  • Allows higher render distance with less CPU load.
  • A new slider in video settings has been added.
  • A new simulation-distance property has been added in dedicated server properties.

Known issues in snapshot 21w38a

  • Like the previous snapshot, 21w38a is still incompatible with worlds that were created in the older version of Minecraft. Therefore, players will have to create a new world to play this snapshot.
  • Sometimes it may take unusually long to save the world. This is the reason why players might see the game stop for a few moments.

🚨 brand new minecraft snapshot 21w38a 🚨 this week is a technical one with a new simulation toggle, strongholds, & more ➡️https://t.co/KRLtbBNZlL pic.twitter.com/Uu08H5Pned

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