ppressor mk2 in GTA 5 story mode

The Oppressor Mk2 was a GTA Online vehicle. This vehicle was flying vehicle. That’s way fan love this vehicle. And fans try to find Oppressor mk2 in GTA story mode. But they not found this vehicle because this vehicle are available only GTA online. 

Now a day the Oppressor mk2 come in gta story mode. How to add the oppressor mk2 in story ? this is a big question. So i will give you solution to how to add oppressor mk2 in GTA story mode.

Add Oppressor MK2 in GTA 5 story mode:-

Add oppressor mk2 in gta story mode, fist you can add some mod i will give the list.

  • Open IV
  • Native UI
  • Scripts folder
  • Mod folder
  • Script Hook v
  • Script Hook V Dot net
  • Menyoo PC

“The Oppressor Mk I was a flying vehicle design.  This is about the closest you can get to throwing a saddle on a rocket engine, bolting on some optional heavy artillery, and pressing the big red button.”

So you can install all mode, In given list. So you can not install any mod. You install only Menyoo trailer. I will give you all step to install the Oppressor mk2 in GTA 5 story mod. So read care fully. 

Step to add Oppressor mk2 in GTA 5 :- 

  1. Press F8 to open menyoo trailer.
  2. Go to vehicle options.
  3. Go to vehicle spwner.
  4. Select motorcylce.
  5. Find Oppressor mk2.
  6. click the oppressor mk2
  7. Enjoy the ride.

Control Oppressor Mk2:-

  1. use W-A-S-D key to move
  2. W – Move strait
  3. A – Move left 
  4. S – Move back
  5. D – Move right
  6. num.5 – Go to up
  7. num.6 – Go to down 
Enjoy the raid to oppressor mk2 in gta 5 story mode.

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