PUBG Mobile x Tesla Collaboration Trailer share by Elon Musk

Elon Musk they are a funder and CEO of Tesla, presently tesla collared the PUBG Mobile. So the Elon Musk shares the Tesla x Pubg Mobile trailer revealed on his Twitter account.

This collaboration adds some new vehicles in the game, so players get some new and different experiences, so more new players are playing the game. And the Pubg Mobile and Battleground Mobile India players know about Tesla.

Elon Musk shares PUBG Mobile and Tesla collaboration


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 18, 2021

The Tesla and Pubg Mobile Collaboration is a trailer post by Elon Musk. And this trailer we see this is a 48 second, and all future technology see in the trailer. In this trailer, there are two-tesla fight robots. The future is the robots we see the retailer. Tesla destroys the robots we are seeing in the trailer.
This collaboration is also announced in Battleground Mobile India, We see the Tesla skins. So Indian players are getting the new gameplay. This coolbartio is worldwide so Game of Space is seen in this update.

Tesla collaboration x PUBG Mobile

In this collation, we see the Tesla Gigafactroy in Mission Igntaion mode, and there is a assemble Tesla vehicle we see. This is a how-to made the tesla in factory wee see. All new future we see in the Mission Ignition Mode. The tesla includes the self-driving mode as they called autopilot mode.It will enable players to get to a particular location once they mark it on the map.

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