Roblox Ninja Legends promo Codes for April 2022
Roblox Ninja Legends promo Codes for April 2022(Image via Roblox)
Roblox is home to a variety of community-themed games in which players can immerse themselves. Ninja Legends is one of the most entertaining options available to play by ScriptBloxion Studios and has received over 1.5 billion visits, which is clearly a strong indication of its comprehensiveness. Appeal among users.
Like some other games, it has many codes that enthusiasts can use to gain a certain variety of benefits while enhancing their overall gameplay experience while playing Ninja Legends. In exchange for redeeming this code, they can get Chi or James as well as auto-training. Below is a list of currently active codes that can be used.

Roblox Ninja Legends promo Codes

Players can use this promo code and redeem a reward, the redeem codes:-
  •     epictrain15: 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
  •     roboninja15: 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
  •     christmasninja500: 500 Gems
  •     sparkninja20: 20 souls
  •     soulhunter5: 5 souls
  •     zenmaster15K: 15000 Chi
  •     skyblades10k: 10000 Chi
  •     ultrasecrets10k: 10000 Chi
  •     innerpeace5k: 5000 Chi
  •     omegasecrets5000: 5000 Chi
  •     darkelements2000: 2000 Chi
  •     legends700m: 1200 Chi
  •     legends200M: 1100 Chi
  •     soulninja1000: 1000 Chi
  •     silentshadows1000: 1000 Chi
  •     secretcrystal1000: 1000 Chi
  •     legends500m: 1000 Chi
  •     masterninja750: 1000 Chi
  •     elementmaster750: 750 Chi
  •     skymaster750: 750 Chi

  •     dragonlegend750: 750 Chi
  •     dojomasters500: 500 Chi
  •     zenmaster500: 500 Chi
  •     epicelements500: 500 Chi
  •     legendaryninja500: 500 Chi
  •     goldninja500: 500 Chi
  •     goldupdate500: 500 Chi
  •     shadowninja500: 500 Chi
  •     senseisanta500: 500 Chi
  •     blizzardninja500: 500 Chi
  •     epicflyingninja500: 500 Chi
  •     mythicalninja500: 500 Chi
  •     flyingninja500: 500 Chi
  •     dragonwarrior500: 500 Chi
  •     swiftblade300: 300 Chi
  •     DesertNinja250: 250 Chi
  •     epicninja250: 250 Chi
  •     fastninja100: 100 Chi

How to use promo code in Roblox Ninja Legends

Players can use this code and the redem the reward. This is step by step guide to how to use those code in Roblox Ninja Legends. 


Playes first open the Ninja Legends on their device, and open  the “Codes” icon , located on right side.
Roblox code box
(Image via Roblox)


After, open the Codes box, players enter the code. 


Finally, Players can reddem all promo code, those given this aricle. 
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