Ryu backpack skin for free in Free Fire


Free Fire announced a new event. The event starts on the 10th of July, and the Garena give some special backpack skin to all Free fire players. The Event’s name is Fighter Mission and they are starting on the 10th of July. All player they play this event so they are getting the reward. And they are also getting a “Ryu Backpack” skin.
Around someday after the Free fire collaboration on Street Fighter. The collaboration is 2nd July, So the game is made an event to promote a Street Fighter. So the Free fire gives an opportunity give to all Free fire players to get the Legendary backpack. Players are able to play the Fighter Mission event on July of 10th.

Step by step get legendary backpack skin

The Fighter Mission event is starting on the July of 10th. So all players are playing this event. The Event is a play the Multiplayer mode and wins the game. And the players are getting the legendary backpack skin for free. 
The mission is so easy, The players complete the five matches in a free fire on July 10th. You compete in the five-match so your mission is complete.

After complete an event, follow the step to get the backpack

Step 1: Click the “Calendar” icon after complete the event.
Step 2: Click the “Free Fighter” and press and hold a “Fighter Mission” option.
Step 3: “Claim” the legendary backpack. The backpack skin is a “Ryu Backpack”.

How to equip the backpack skin

1) Press on the life side and click the “Collection” button
2) Press the button and “Equiq” the “Ryu Backpack”.
Shere with your Free Fire squad. 

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