Top 5 fastest bikes in GTA Online in 2021
Top 5 fastest bikes in GTA Online in 2021

We all play GTA Online, and all GTA fans are so crazy about the bikes. They are Drive bikes so fast, almost all players are use bikes to go the long drive, and also use to lose the copes. So this article we are seeing the fastest bike in GTA Online, You can definitely purchase.
GTA Online has a lot-off bikes, cars, plans, and more. But all players need the fastest vehicles, they are used to having fun and reach their destination faster. We are seeing the Top 5 fastest Bike in GTA Online, in 2021.

5 fastest bikes in GTA Online

5) Shitzu Hakuchou

GTA Online has a number of bikes, and they are so faster. The Shitzu Hakuchou is one of the most popular bikes. The Bike has a crazy look, and also they are the fastest bike in GTA Online. The Shitzu Hakuchou’s top speed record is 134.00 mph(almost 215km/hr), that’s why the Shitzu Hakuchou is the fifth fastest bike in GTA Online. The Bike control and handling are so smooth, the player can purchase this bike online and you can modify it as your need. 

4) Nagasaki BF400

If the player goes to the Mountain ride, so this bike is perfect for the ride. This Bike has come to a massive look and faster bike, also they have smooth controlling, and high-speed bike. The BF400 is the fastest bike in GTA online because its speed record is 135.00 mph(217 km/hr). That’s why the BF400 has come to the 4th position in the over the list. 

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3) Pegassi Bati 801

The Pegassi Bati 801 has come to the 135.00mph speed. This bike is famous for its controlling, and good look. All GTA players are purches this bike and add to their collection.  The bike has massive speed, so we include the Pegassi Bati 801 as a third number in the over the list.

2) Pegassi Oppressor

The Pegassi Bati 801 is the 2nd number on the over the list, this bike comes to the 140.00 mph speed. So players use it as their personal bike, and there are include this bike in their bike collection and shoe their friends. The bike has no look, but this bike has so costly, because of its speed, and control. All GTA fans are riding the bike at one time. 

1) Western Deathbike

The Western Deathbike is the fastest bike in GTA Online, and its top speed is 150.00 mph(almost 240.00 km/hr).  This bike is an Arena war bike, and there are includes some bike protectors. Also, players use this bike agent the copes and use it as fun. The bike is the fastest bike in GTA online, that’s why this is so costly.   
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