Top 5 GTA RP servers in India 2021

GTA RP has a huge success because we play with friends and players are creat a there one server in-game. So players join and play together. GTA online is famous for the multiplayer mode. GTA RP servers are in many languages like English, Spanish, German, Hindi, Gujrati, and more. So players are joining their language servers.
The Indian gaming community is famous for GTA online. Many GTA RP servers are famous. But players are don’t know the best GTA RP servers, so in today’s article, we see the top 5 GTA RP servers in India. So they are easily joined and play with their friends.

Top 5 GTA 5 RP servers in India 2021

1) Punjabi RP server:-

The Punjabi RP server is the best Punjabi server in the Punjabi language. So Punjabi players join the servers and play the game on their own lounges. On this server, you can also use the Hindi language, and communicate with each other. This server is a FiveM roleplay server, the base of this server is FiveM.

2) Mallu Role-Play (MRP):-

This GTA RP server is the Malayalam language, So players are used to the Malayalam language. This server lunch in August 2019, and this server host is a Malayali streamer and content creator. So you can visit this channel.

3) Ullasa Ulagam:-

Ullasa Ulagam server is a Tamil server, and this server was created on May 20, 2020. The main language is Tamil, so south Indian players join this server.  This server members around 4,943 in 2021. But this server is growing slowly becomes this server is more accessible.

4) Kerala Mallu Roleplay (KMRP):-

This server was created in Kerala and this is another Malayali server. Kerala Mallu Role-Play server was created in 2020. This server is 677 members in 2021.

5) Maratha Empire RP (MERP):-

The Maratha Empire RP server, The main language of this server is Marathi but a little Hindi. The server was created in October 2020 and there are 2,700 members in July 2021.
You can join your language server and play the GTA RP. Also, you can read the Highest kill protagonist in GTA series.

By Tecnews