We all play GTA Online with friends, and all GTA fans are so crazy about the bikes. Players like to Drive bikes faster, almost all players are use bikes to go the long drive, and also use to lose the copes. So this article we are seeing the fastest bike in GTA Online, You can definitely purchase.
GTA Online has lot-off bikes, But all players need the fastest bikes, they are used to having fun and reach their destination faster. We are seeing the fastest Bike in GTA Online, in 2021. Guy’s fastest bike of GTA Online is Deathbike, we see full details about the Deathbike in this article.

Fastest bike in GTA Online

Western Deathbike 

what's the Fastest bike in GTA Online in 2021
Fastest bike in GTA Online in 2021(Image via Rockstar Games)
The Deathbike is specially made by an arena war, this bike comes with high speed. Which is speed is 150 mph, so that’s why the Deathbike is the fastest bike in GTA Online, as compare to all bikes. This bike is one of the best arena war vehicles because the bike comes with a very dangerous flare.

How to Buy the Deathbike

All players have one question, how to purchase the deathbike in GTA online. So players first visit the Southern S.A. Super Autos or ArenaWars.tv to buy The Gargoyle. After going the Gargoyle, the player buy the deathbike, as the cost is $120,000.
The second step is so exciting, It is time to upgrade the Deathbike Gargoyle at the Arena Wars Workshop or Los Santos Customs, After the full upgrade the bike, the fastest and most dangerous bike in the game. The full upgrade cost will be $1.2 million dollars.
After the full upgrade of the Deathbike, they have the fastest bike in GTA Online, and players can enjoy the ride, and add to this bike in their Bike collections, if you have own this bike so you can comment.

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