Control is free on Epic Games Store: This Week
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The Epic Games store was a start his Mega sale, So this week the Most expensive game CONTROL is free on epic games store. This game price is around RS.2200/-. This was still free on epic games store at June 17th 2021.


The control was a 3rd person action-adventure and survival game. The game was released in 2019. So this game support the RTX. About the more game information given.

The secretive agency was all control take in New York. After you become a new Director struggling to regain Control.


The control is inspired by the fictional SCP Foundation, And this game was a 3rd 3rd person action-adventure game and theye are the created by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. this game was a massive Audio, And best game play experience. This game was won many awards. And lost of time nominated to game awards.

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The control released in Aug 27,2019. And this game was a award winning game.And this game win to 12 award in 3 years.

Control Award list:-

  1. Beast art design – The game award
  2. Game of the year – Official PlayStation Magazine
  3. Best setting – Pc gamer
  4. Best art design – IGN
  5. Best video game story – IGN
  6. Game of year – IGN
  7. Critics choice – Golden joysticks
  8. Best story – Official XBOX magazine
  9. Best Actoin-Adventure game – IGN
  10. Runner up game of the year – Polygon
  11. Game of the year – The verge
  12. Game of the year –

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The epic games store give the Free games in his mega sale . This games was a AAA titles. And very costly. But this event The Epic games Give any 4 to 5 AAA games free on they Mega sale weeks. So you can defiantly clam they game and enjoy, Play with friends.

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