Download birth / death certificate online. Download Gujarat Birth / Death Certificate Online ( Gujarat Birth and Death Certificate Online Registration, Saral Gujarat Birth Certificate Application Form PDF Download, Eligibility, Correction, Janam Praman Patra Download Haryana Features, Benefits and check online Application status on official website

Gujarat Janam / Mrutyu Praman Patra Download
Download birth / death certificate online

Let candidates know that you can apply for a birth certificate on your state’s official website. But the government has launched another website for birth and death certificates where anyone in the country can apply for a birth certificate. Official Website –

Condition: Download Gujarat Birth/Death Certificate Online 2021

Gujarat Birth / Death Certificate 2022

Beneficiaries: Citizen of Gujarat

State Name: Gujarat

Place: Gujarat

Launched by: Government of Gujarat

Category : Article

Post date: 10/05/2021

Article under: State Government

Download birth and death certificate online

How to Download Birth OR Death Certificate Online in Gujarat (
STEP 1: First visit the official website –
STEP 2: Click the ‘View’ link on this page to download the scheme application form. Here is the direct link to download the birth and death certificate which will be displayed below:-
STEP 3: Gujarat Birth and Death Certificate Online PDF will be displayed like this:-
STEP 4: You can easily download and print this certificate form
Summary: A birth/death certificate is a mandatory document that, under various circumstances, serves as proof of a person’s identity or age. Janam Praman Patra is usually issued at the birth of a person. In this authorized document, the government records legal information such as date of birth, date of birth, place of birth, name of parents, etc. It also certifies the occurrence of birth.

Download Gujarat Birth / Death Certificate Online 2022

Note:-Gujarat Birth and Death Certificate Online Registration, Saral Gujarat Birth Certificate PDF Download Application, Eligibility, Correction, Janam Praman Patra Download

Purpose of the document:

Birth/death certificates are issued for the following purposes:

> In stating date and the fact of death

> When claiming benefits from life insurance

> Apply for a pension

> In the settlement of the estate

> To investigate facts of death and the cause

> Death and place of burial

> Serve as proof of age, race and gender

> For genealogical information

Birth Certificate Download Process:

> Government circular for this document related

> Subject: Acceptance of issued birth/death certificates

through the CRS-reg application.

Registration of births and deaths in India is done under the provisions of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 and the corresponding rules made thereunder. The Office of the Registrar General of India has developed a unified software for registering births and deaths and issuing certificates registered through the system. After the implementation of this software, birth and death certificates are issued through this software as per the provisions of Section 12/17 of RBD Act 1969.

2. Certificates issued through the software available at “” have a unique registration number for each registered event across the country. These certificates are enabled with a quick response (QR) code and the authenticity of the certificate can be verified on the website ‘’. These birth and death certificates are legally valid documents and can be considered authentic evidence for all governmental and non-governmental purposes. The process of generating a birth/death certificate through. application is as below:

Events reported by whistleblowers are registered by registrars using their username and password, and after approval by the registrar, certificates are generated electronically and either hand or digital or fax signature of the issuing authority appears on the certificates. This certificate is generated after checking the correctness of the records. The certificates generated in this way will be made available on the public portal O/o RGI.”

3. All the Central and State Governments concerned are requested to ensure that certificates issued by Registrars/Sub-Registrars through the application are accepted and not to insist on original certificates bearing the hand signature of the issuing authority. All department heads may inform their branches to comply.

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Download the certificate :- Click Here

Official website :- Click Here

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4. This circular is issued in exercise of the powers conferred by section 3 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 to enable the general public to obtain the certificate free of charge from their homes.

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