The latest teaser released by Krafton urges PUBG Mobile Indian PUBG lovers to go and pre-register for the game and get free rewards. 

The free rewards:-

  1. Recon Outfit.
  2. Recon Mask.
  3. Celebration Expert
  4. 300 AG currency 

Some day before the most popular PUBG player Abhijeet Andhare, We are know as Ghatak, has dropped a significant hint about the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India in this Twitter account. read This article click here.

The PUBG Mobile was bann in Koriya, So Pubg launched PUBG KR. version. Sem the PUBG MOBILE Banned by Indian Government, That’s way the Krafton was launched PUBG Mobile as a new Name Battleground Mobile India. PUBG lovers in India are waiting for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game developer Krafton has posted a new teaser of Battlegrounds Mobile India on social media platforms, including Facebook, The Battleground Mobile India Motto is #indiakaBattleground.

The official launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is yet to be revealed by famous YouTubers. The Maxtern Was give a Hint about the Game Launch date. The Hint is a 

1000100111001101011000101 Enjoy.

This hint give the Maxtern in Binary Code. So we convert this Binary code, The Answer is 18062021.  So there is a Battleground Mobile India Launch Date is a  June 18.  As per the Maxtern Hint. And the Abhijeet Andhare as a Ghatak give the expected Launch date as a Jun 3rd week.


Dynamo Hint:-

The Dynamo Gaming was give a hint about the Baatleground Mobile India Launch date on his stream. The Dynamo Gaming Give hint, his exert words.:-

“10th Jun se 18th Jun ko game aajayaga! Nahi aaya to kar bhi kya sakte he, siraf wait kar sakte he”  

PUBG Mobile’s Indian version is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store since May 18. The latest teaser released by Krafton urges PUBG Mobile India lovers to go and pre-register for the game and get free rewards. The teaser, however, doesn’t reveal too many details about Battlegrounds Mobile India but it highlights the fact that users who pre-register for the game will get some rewards at the launch.
Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available for pre-registration only for Android users on Play store and it is expected that the game will be available to pre-register for iPhone users in the coming days. Some reports, however, claim that Battlegrounds Mobile India will first release for Android and then iOS which means that Apple iPhone users will need have to wait for some more time to play the game in India.

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By Tecnews