3 way Get free UC in Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India launch in India is a 2nd July 2021. And they have a reach out the millions of users in Battleground Mobile India. The BGMI gets 16 million users in one day, and 2.4 million active userges. So this is a big achievement to any game.
All BGMI players get the royale pass, but here is so costly. And many players are not afforded the royale pass. But there is one war to get the free royal pass. This way is not a sign in-app, any website it’s a trusted way to get the free UC in Battleground Mobile India. So you purchase the royale pass for free.

Top 3 ways to get free UC:-

1) Giveaways

Giveaways in BGMI
The first way to join live giveaways. The YouTubers are Give the Royale pass to their audience, so you can join this giveaway and get the free Royale Pass. Some day after the all YouTubers like Mortal, Scout, Regaltos, Mamba, are give the 15 Royale Pass. This ROyale pass give to the creating a room and they are the give this reward in wing team.
It is easy to participate, If your squad is good so you easily win the game. Players follow Their YouTuber’s pages and they can chance to win the giveaways. YouTubers give a random UC to their participant, If your luck is good so you get the free UC and purchase the Royale pass.

2) Custom room/tournaments

Custom roomtournaments
tournaments in BGMI

The second way to get free UC is join to the Custom room/tournaments. If you win the Custom room/tournaments so you get some real money. Manny organization plays some tournaments for the charity and more. This is an easy way to join this tournament.
You have good skills and a good teammate so your chance to win this tournament and you get the free UC. This is an easy way to get free UC and show your skills.

3) Google Rewards

Google Rewards
Gpay rewards

Today’s are all people use Google pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and more. And also you transfer the money using this app. After transfer the money you get some rewards like Money. So you can save this money and also use this money to purchase the royale pass. This is a simple way to earn the money. And you can but a UC. 
This is a three-way to get the free UC in Battleground Mobile India.

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