5 rarest items in Minecraft survival
The  Minecraft players always need the rarest items, and they can show their friends, and also they are creating the YouTube video. But all players are don’t know what is rarest items in the Minecraft game. So we are seeing the all top 5 rarest items in Minecraft survival mode, this item easily you can get the creative mode. 

5 rarest items in Minecraft survival

5) Totem Of Undying:-

Totem of Undying
Totem of Undying(Image via Minecraft)
Totem of Undying is the fifth rarest item in Minecraft. All Minecraft players are known to what is use the Totem of Undying, the use of the Totem of Undying is they can recover the players if they can die and they can hold the totem of undying in left hand.

4) Heart Of The Sea:-

Heart of the sea
Heart of the sea(Image via Minecraft)
Heart of the sea is the rarest item in Minecraft because they are found in some treasure chest. And all player knows to how hard to found the treasure chest. Also, the Heart Of The Sea use is players can breathe in the water, and this is the first use, also they can see all items in water.

3)  Pig step:-

pig step
pig step(Image via Minecraft)
Pig step is a music disc, and they can now be found easily, this is hard to found. The player can go the bastions, and they are chance to get the pig step is a 5.05%. The Pig step is not renewed items, So these are the rarest items in Minecraft, that’s why players are crazy to get the Pig step.

2) Conduit:-

Conduit is the second last rarest item in Minecraft, so players can get the Conduit from the treasures, and this is the use of them to breath underwater, and also they are the damage the mobes. The player can craft conduits using the heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells.

1) Dragon egg:-

Dragon egg
Dragon egg(Image via Minecraft)
The Dragon egg is the rarest item because the player can fight the Ender Dragon, and they are the win the fight, So the player gets the Dragon egg and Dragonhead. The Dragon is the most powerful Moster in the Minecraft game, so this is so hard to win. The first player goes to the End dimension, this is hard to found the End dimension, and the second is the win against the Dragon. If player are complete so they are winning the Dragon egg.

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