Battleground Mobile India’s new Season comes on July 14th, and today as all detail come on the outside. The Price, season name, outfits, gun skins, legendary items, UC, and more. So read this article and get the full detail of the upcoming royale pass, and also share with your friends.

BGMI new Royale Pass:-

The Upcoming Royale pass is only one month. And Upcoming all RPI time duration is only one month. The sesone start from the fist, and price are very exerted feture, so read full article.
This Royale Pass has a 50 RP, and the good think is a all RP level we get a some rewards. There is a include a free pass. So all players get a some reward in each RP.


The Upcoming  royal pass price hase a two part, first is a ELITE PASS PLUSE and this price is a 960 UC. And second is a ELITE PASS (normal pass) this price is very interesting, the price is a only 360 UC. So the Battleground Mobile India decrease the Royal Pass price for the Indian players. Theye are know about indian players not invest high amountof the game, but the price is low so The manny new players are buy the royale pass. This royal pass has a afodeble price and may be many people buy the Royale Pass. Players reach the 47 RP so they get 360 UC for purchase in the next royal pass. 

All rewards:-

There is many legendary skins are include in this Royal pass. Full list in details.(this reward is include free and Elite pass)
  • RP 1:- Tidel Worget set, Dust Camo Solider-M164A
  • RP 3:- 80UC
  • RP 5:- Tidal Wargod Mask
  • RP 7:- 40 UC
  • RP 10:- Tidal Wargod Helment
  • RP 13:- Night Stalker Perachute, 40 UC
  • RP 15:- Hahaha emote
  • RP 17:- 40 UC
  • RP 20:- Neone Rider 2 upgeted bike skin
  • RP 23:- 20 UC
  • RP 25:- Groovy Teen Outfit
  • RP 27:- 20 UC
  • RP 30:- Night Stalker emote
  • RP 33:- 20 UC
  • RP 35:- QBU gun skin
  • RP 37:- 40 UC
  • RP 40:- Tidal Wargod – SCAR-L
  • RP 43:- 40 UC
  • RP 47:- 40 UC
  • RP 50:- Night Stalker Set(Mythic outfite)
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