GTA Online is loaded up with entryways of players hoping to cause the most measure of devastation in the briefest time conceivable. From flying bicycles that can shoot rockets to satellite-directed hazardous rounds, there are a ton of weapons in GTA Online. 
The GTA series is well known in its open world. In any case, there is Soo Good storyline. All players were unquestionably finished the Storyline. So you can play some Unique missions. There is the utilization of interesting weapons in the missions. So there are the best weapons to use for major parts of the game. These weapons were the most mainstream weapons and all fans utilize these weapons generally.

5 best guns in GTA 5:-

5) Pistol: AP Pistol:-

The AP Pistol is collectively viewed as the best sidearm in the game as it can allow players to dump a huge load of rounds sensibly rapidly. The absence of any huge backlash additionally makes it wonderful to put some lead downrange while likewise being progressing. 
The AP Pistol is an outright bad dream when in short proximity, and sneaks up suddenly as well.

4) Assault Rifle: Special Carbine:-

Basic, yet successful, the Special Carbine is the most usually utilized AR in the game, and naturally so. Updates or no redesigns, the Special Carbine, is an impressive weapon. 
With a fair reach and solid halting force, the Special Carbine is the ideal fledgling AR, yet in addition, one that is the veteran’s decision also. The Special Carbine is consistently intelligent speculation when searching for firearms to purchase as-is in GTA 5.

3) Machine Guns: Combat MG MKIII:-

The weapon that has alarmed Hall for quite a long time now, the Combat MG MKIII is a frightening monster of a firearm. With a totally amazing clasp size, the player has no issue a few shots, as there two or three hundred all the more left in the belt. 
The firearm is best for players hoping to cause devastation in GTA Online while not agonizing over precision or being affordable with their weapons. The Combat MG MKIII is the best pick for players who essentially need to explode things.

2) Sniper: Heavy Sniper:-

The firearm is profoundly disdained by the player at some unacceptable finish of the shot. The harm it does is totally profane, and the reach is just cheating now. 
Having a Heavy Sniper in your loadout is an outright should in Freemode, where 20 individuals are prepared to kill you from far off.

1) Shotgun: Assault Shotgun:-

In most computer games, a shotgun steals with itself a specific exchange away. Players frequently wind up forfeiting a high pace of fire for enormous harm. Nonetheless, that isn’t the situation in GTA Online. 
The Assault Shotgun is only a bad dream for anybody in closeness, as it doesn’t have a siphon activity, yet shoots adjust consequently.
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