GTA 6 leaks on release date, location, and more by Tom Henderson

GTA games are the most popular games as comper to the other game series, the last GTA game launch in 2013 and this is GTA 5. So fans are so excited about the next GTA title. The Rockstar works on the next GTA games, this leak is so old, and fans are frustrated about this news because this news is 3 to 4 years old.
The famous leaker Tom Henderson gives some hint’s about the next GTA title, they are given many leaks in past, and surprisedly they are true. So today’s article we see all leaks given by Tom Henderson recently to the next GTA title, which means the next part of the GTA series, which is a GTA 6. 
Tom Henderson given the leaks like game location, what is the map, and all fans are excited about the release date and more leaks. 

GTA 6 leaks by Tom Henderson

Release date

Tom Henderson says the game launch date is disappointing because the game launch before 2024 or 2025. Fan’s are expected the game maybe launch in 2023, that’s why fans are so frustrated, and they are very excited to play the next GTA game. What you think guy’s please tell me in the comment.


The game base on Miami, and the next GTA map is bigger than the previous GTA title, which means the game map is bigger than the GTA 5 map. The Henderson share the viewpoint of the GTA 6 in previous leaks, they are told the next GTA game base on the Modern-day Vice City.
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Other Details

According to the previous leaks, the next GTA title comes with a female protagonist. And Tom Henderson also says the game includes the female protagonist. The GTA 6 comes with a realistic environment, so the graphics are incredible.
Tom Henderson claimed the game map is increased by regular updates, and the game includes Cryptocurrency. Now many people don’t know about Tom Henderson. Tom Henderson is a famous game leaker, they are given some leaks regarding the COD, Battlefield game, and this is true. So fans are trusted to the Henderson leaks. What you think please tell me in the comment.
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By Tecnews