Top 5 GTA San Andreas graphics mods in 2021
 GTA San Andreas is the first GTA game to love all players. GTA San Andreas is a most memorable game, and many childhood memories are created. Now a day the PC and Console are so powerful, and The GTA San Andreas graphics are too poor. So we see the best graphics mod for GTA San Andreas like new GTA games.

GTA San Andreas: 5 Best Graphics Mod

The game has come with the best gameplay and storyline, so we use this mod to improve the graphics and add some new features in-game. We see the 5 best graphics mods in GTA San Andreas. You can download all mods click here.

1) V Graphics

V Graphics mod is an ENB series mod. This mod change game’s shaders, lighting, and reflections appear, and this mod gives GTA 5’s look and feel. Because it alters the saturation, vibrance, and color balancing, this mod is ideal for changing the game’s visual tone. 

2) SRt3 Mipmap

This mod updates the San Andreas texture, transforming the game’s low-resolution, everything has been rebuilt, from road textures to shop branding, and it now looks very crisp. For the best experience, this mod can be used with all other graphics mods. 

3) BSOR: American Dream

General vegetation such as trees and grass are frequently disregarded in graphic overhauls, but Behind Space Of Realities: American Dream mod significantly increases the amount of greenery seen in the game, resulting in a magnificent graphical experience. This mod includes over 30 different varieties of trees and shrubs throughout Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. The mod also makes the sky and clouds better, giving players some picturesque views.

4) CJ Remastered Graphics Mod

Use this mod to remaster Carl Johnson, improve the CJ into the twenty-first century. Every part of the CJ’s body is improved, including the clothing textures and shoes as a bonus.

5) 90s AVP Reborn 2.0

The 90s AVP Reborn 2.0 vehicle model pack replaces all vehicles with finely detailed models that maintain the essence of San Andreas, improved the vehicle textures. This mod gives the new look to all vehicles, and also adds some new 90’s vehicles.
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By Tecnews