5 coolest characters in the GTA series
5 coolest characters in the GTA series(Image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA series is famous for its open-world and characters, the Game developer added many characters in-game. Like, Tommy Vercetti, Niko, CJ, Michal, and more. This character has some special abilities, and Many characters are famous for their behavior. 
Some characters are hart of the Game storyline, like Tommy from GTA Vice City, Lamar Devis from GTA 5, Officer Frank Tenpenny from GTA San Andreas, and more. So we are seeing the top 5 coolest characters in the GTA series.

Top 5 Coolest Characters – GTA Series

5) Officer Frank Tenpenny – GTA San Andreas

Officer Frank Tenpenny (Image via Rockstar Games)

Players can spew hate at him all they want, but no one can deny the man’s got what it takes to be thoroughly entertaining in a sea of dull duds. For all intents and purposes, he is a despicable person who makes the protagonist’s life a living hell, but that’s exactly why he is so cool as an antagonist.

4) Tony Prince – GTA 4

Tony Price (Image via Rockstar Games)

Tony Price’s insight and exceptionally witty lines make him one of the most interesting characters in the GTA series. The fact that 10% of a player’s income from the Nightclub goes to Tony Prince. Prince has all the proof needed to know that he is an incredibly influential personality. Unsurprisingly, Prince makes for one heck of an archetype in the GTA series. And they Owner of the Maisonette 9.

3) Lamar Davis – GTA 5

Lamar Devis (Image via Rockstar Games)

Lamar Devis is one of the coolest characters in the GTA series. Refusing to abandon his heritage, Lamar is content with the only life he’s ever known, which is why players don’t see much of him in GTA 5 after Franklin joins Michael and Trevor.

2) Niko Bellic – GTA 4

Niko Bellic (Image via Rockstar Games)

 Niko Bellic could have used a chill pill at times, especially when the moral train was headed in the wrong direction. However, he’s one of the most profound protagonists featured in GTA Online and makes for an incredibly engaging archetype.
Niko, with his unique agenda and bad luck, might not be the typical Grand Theft Auto protagonist, but he’s definitely one of the best.

1) Tommy Vercetti – GTA Vice City

Tommy Vercetti(Image via Rockstar Games)
The GTA series boasts a diverse assortment of characters, but the likes of Tommy Vercetti are seldom seen in the franchise. Ambushed and convicted for 11 murders, Vercetti is anything but a slacker.
After serving his sentence, he escapes to Vice City to establish the Forellis’ presence, but fate takes a turn for the worse. Vercetti ended up losing the family’s money and assets in an ambush.
Using his natural charisma, guile, and the necessary amount of violence, Vercetti soon overthrows his oppressors and becomes the most notorious criminal of his time. The fact that he doesn’t shy away from blood and gore makes him one of the best GTA protagonists of all time.

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