Ayato gameplay leaks, Elemental skills, Burst, Passives, Ascension materials and more, Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks
Ayato gameplay(image via Genshin Impact)
The recent Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks suggest Kamisato Ayato gameplay. There are many gameplay videos suffering online, and we are clearly seeing Ayato’s abilities. The previous leaks are text format, and some leaks come from unverified sources. But, recent gameplay leaks refer to Ayato’s ability, skills, and more.

Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks: Ayato gameplay, Elemetal skills, Burst, and other details

[2.6 Beta] Kamisato Ayato Elemental Skill – Range Demonstration

HD: https://t.co/yttU6TnsfV pic.twitter.com/Y2BB5Jng91

— Sai (@0x90sai) February 16, 2022

In this video, Ayato easily defeats the enemies while this element’s skills are active. The Ayato element skills are  Taunts nearby foes, Infuses his Normal Attacks with Hydro, Increases his Normal Attack Speed, It prevents him from using Charged or Plunging Attacks, Hitting foes will give him Wave Flash (increases DMG based on his Max HP), which stacks up to four times (once every 0.1 seconds), Increases his resistance to interruption, Everything listed above (other than the taunt) will vanish if Ayato leaves the field, Nearby allies who attack enemies with Normal Attacks will have their cooldowns reduced by two seconds.

[2.6 Beta] – Kamisato Ayato ICD Demo pic.twitter.com/ryVb4FttuK

— Sai (@0x90sai) February 16, 2022

Based on this tweet video, Ayato showcases his Vaporize potential. In this video, it appears that his ability to apply a hydro element to an enemy through his primary skill can be achieved almost once every 2 ~ 2.5 seconds.

Elemental Brust

[2.6 Beta]

Kamisato Ayato

HD: https://t.co/gUo8LY9pbg pic.twitter.com/DnvkK7tRgS

— Sai (@0x90sai) February 16, 2022

The number of damage, energy cost, cooldown is different between the two-element bursts. Ayato’s allies in the Elemental Burst Area also receive ATK Speed ​​Buff. 


#Ayato passives

Passive 1- pressing E gives +2 levels to Flash Wave. When a clone gets exploded from any attack. Flash Wave gets the max level.
Passive 2 – the damage of his burst increases by 3% of Ayato’s max HP.
Passive 3 – 18% higher chance to cook an additional spooky dish.

— Genshin Mains – Your Guide to Teyvat (@genshinmains) February 16, 2022

The above tweet summarizes its three passives in Gansin Impact. It is worth noting that “E” refers to his primary skill, and “Spooky Dish” refers to the suspicious dish in addition to whatever he cooks.

Ascension materials

Ascension materials For Ayato
Ascension materials (Image via @DevilTakoyaki)

In this image, we see all information regarding what Ayato needs to level up his skills. 

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