Official MCC poster (Image via Noxcrew)

The Minecraft Championship plays the famous YouTuber and Content creator. The Minecraft Championship is such an amazing event, YouTubers like Dream, Tommyinnit, and Technoblade participate in this tournament. The Minecraft Championship 16 is announced by  Noxcrew and Scott Major. So we see all details like, date, schedule, date, best teams, What’s streamers participant, and more details.

Minecraft Championship 16

All Minecraft Championship participants are fighting each other to Mini-games, and the team wins the point. In last we see the top two high point teams, they are playing dodge bolt arena. In this game, teams are shoot the arrows at the opponent’s, and finally, we see the winning team.
In the last Minecraft Championship, the Dream team wins the tournament, and they are fighting dodge bolt against Yellow Yark. The Deam team win the game without losing a single round. Now we see What’s teams win.

Event schedule, date, and Time

Minecraft Championship 16 will start on August 28 at 8:00 PM BST. In other time zones, the tournament will start at 12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST and 12:30 AM IST on 29th August. Must-be fans are so excited about this tournament.

MC Championship 16 will take place in just 22 days 👑

(that’s Saturday August 28th)

— MC Championship (@MCChampionship_) August 6, 2021

List of Games

In the following games, all participants play this game and win the point to get the first two positions.
  1. Ace Race
  2. BattleBox
  3. Big Sales at Build Mart
  4. Hole in the Wall
  5. Parkour Tag
  7. Sands of Time
  8. Sky Battle
  9. Survival Games
  10. Finale: Dodgebolt

All teams and participants

Team Pink Parrots (Image via Twitter)
Following ten teams plays the Minecraft Championship 16
  1. Red Rabbits: TommyInnit, WilburSoot, Ph1lzA, Ranboo
  2. Orange Ocelots: TapL, Punz, CaptainPuffy, Shubble
  3. Yellow Yaks: CaptainSparklez, Ponk, HBomb94, GeorgeNotFound
  4. Lime Llamas: Quig, Krtzyy, Jack Manifold, Nihachu
  5. Green Guardians: TheOrionSound, RTGame, Sylvee, Sapnap
  6. Cyan Creepers: PearlescentMoon, PeteZahHutt, PrestonPlayz, Spifey
  7. Aqua Axolotls: Antfrost, Fundy, Tubbo, 5up
  8. Blue Bats: Vixella, JamesTurner, DrGluon, KryticZeuz
  9. Purple Pandas: Smajor, Grian, Smallishbeans, Fruitberries
  10. Pink Parrots: Dream, F1nn5ter, BadBoyHalo, Seapeekay

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