The GTA 5 was famous for its open-world gameplay. And now a day this game was also famous for Modding. Fans play the Game and use many types of modes in the game and they are to like the game. Many YouTubers were playing GTA 5 in Modding and attract fans in his videos.

GTA 5 is the best game and all Die-hard fans love this game. All gamers are using the mod to change the game story. But there is some good mod and some scariest mod. So today’s article highlights some of the scariest mods that players can add to GTA 5 in 2021.

Five unsettling GTA 5 mods in 2021

#5 – Simple Zombies 

Simple Zombies is a creepy mod for GTA 5. This mod use is converted all NPC’s to a zombie.

In this mode use, we see all NPC’s are zombies and they are the kill all humans, and they convert to the zombies. We are surviving these zombies and fight to over life. So this mode is basically hunt-down oppression.

So you play zombie mod in GTA 5 so you can try it in 2021.

#4 – The Mexican Myths God

This mod is base on Mexican Gods to life in GTA 5, this mode basically myths of god life. This mod is the crispy and scariest mod. We use this mod, and find some ghosts in the game at the night.

This mod says that the gods are scary would be an understatement. You can try this mode in 2021, So get a different experience. 

#3 – Sewer Monster

The modding is a get more creative in GTA 5, So the sewer monster mod uses to enjoy and haunt themselves with.

In this mod use, we see the sewer monster in the street and they kill workers and forever claim them as their own. This mod is saved over life to sewer monster to fight him and there is so hard, So this mode is a one of the scariest mod.

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#2 – The Dead Among Us Project

While tissue-eating sociopaths and force-hungry cops are the absolute most well-known models in GTA 5, nothing beats a zombie end times mod that fills the roads of Los Santos with living dead animals and frightful looking items. 

In the event that players are searching for an out-of-the-world involvement with GTA 5, they should look no farther than this mod. It ensures the turning sour of blood and a wild surge of adrenaline.

#1 – The House of the Damned

The House of the mod is the ultimate horror story GTA 5. This mod is the super scarce mode is available for all mods in 2021.

 This mod does one hell of a task at transforming the O’Neil Ranch in GTA 5 into the scandalous Baker Ranch from RE7. 

While players may not wind up scrambling for the entryway, they will without a doubt have loads of fun catching terrifying animals and heart-hustling objects.

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